Business Field

Total support in a serious of business,
from finding raw materials to commercializing products.


Suggest a variety of raw materials, processing methods, and packaging form We provide the information you require as well as the product you are satisfied with. All of our salesperson totally support you not only by proposing solution but also by helping marketing or developing products.

Supply 150 items from 40 suppliers from 30 countries around the world In order to meet customers' various demands we have a wide variety of supply sources. In order to provide high-quality products we stably procure high-quality raw materials. In addition, through gathering real-time information we do our best to be cost competitive.



Develop unique products at our city lab, based on our long-time experience Diversification of the market leads to demand for new technology, while there is a tendency that commodity cycle becomes short. This situation makes product development tough. We are ready to help our customers with their product development. We provide not only raw materials, but also solutions to their product development and way of realizing their request. Moreover, we analyze the market trends and propose ideas which leads to the development of their next new product.

Manage production from various points of view, such as manufacturing method, product quality, cost, and efficiencyIn order to provide the product in accordance with the needs of our customers, we have trained ourselves. The culmination of our long-time effort to develop the technology is our property. This technology enable us to dairy produce high-quality product.


Quality control

Making use of our data and know-how stored for 50 years, we can make customers feel safe and secured.It is our mission to provide and guarantee a safe and secure product. Technology level and quality management in manufacturing is the most important factor of the product quality. We have strict operational standards of manufacturing in terms of attitude and action, and definitely complying this rule leads to providing high-quality products.