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President’s Message

We have been specialists in the fruit juice business since our establishment in 1965. In recent years, we have begun doing business in dairy and coffee products, thereby expanding the scope of our activities within the world of food. From supporting food and beverage manufacturers by globally sourcing the raw ingredients they require and securing the related supply routes, to planning for new products that meet the needs of distributors and restaurants and taking the initiative in manufacturing, we play a key role as a member of the broader food and beverage industry.

Nowadays, ways of thinking about and tastes for food by consumers are changing rapidly, and we feel that the relatively conservative world of food is at a turning point. Buzzwords such as "health", "environment", and "sustainability" may sound like temporary trends to some, but based on the questions of "What kind of food can support a person's life into their 100s?", "How should the food industry be structured in order to create a sustainable society?", and "How can we secure a growth trend for domestic agriculture into?", we want to make a small contribution to pushing such changes forward, by thinking about what we can do through our business and connecting thought to actual action.

“Pioneers transforming the future and creating new value”

Hiroshi Fujii (President)

Management Philosophy

Creating a Better Life
with Better Taste
With our ideas and technologies for food,bring smiles and happiness to everyone.
Pioneers transforming the future
and creating new value
Aspire to be an innovator unafraid of change, fulfilling future needs with ingenuity and diversity.
Commitment to ‘Mottainai'
To never waste time, resources or people’s efforts.
Making "common sense" common
Keeping our promises and obeying the rules, we approach everything with integrity.
One Step Ahead and Beyond
To never be satisfied and aim for even higher values.


Company Name Bussan Food Materials Co.,Ltd.
Head office 2-7-8, Nihonbashi Bakuro-cho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0002, Japan
Establishment June 1965
Representative Hiroshi Fujii (President)
Common Stock 310,000,000 shares
Stockholder Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (100% of shares)


Entrance Information

The entrance to our office is to the right of the main entrance of the building.

If you have any questions, please consult the extension number list and call the appropriate department.