Environmental policy

Our Environmental Declaration

We will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of people's health.

We seek for safety and peace of mind with regard to food.
By using fresh fruits grown with abundant sunshine, we provide fruit juice beverages and fruit pulp food products to everyone.
Receiving the gifts of the sun and the natural world, we understand the importance of nature, and wish to contribute to the survival of a fertile Earth through environmental activities.

Environmental Policy

Our basic principles

As a manufacturer specializing in the processing of fruit juices and pulp, Bussan Food Materials Co., Ltd.
aims to be a one-of-a-kind company that creates a comfortable environment for healthy lives,
starting with the development and provision of ingredients for food and beverages that always have new potential.
With that in mind, we have placed making active efforts to address environmental problems
as one of the most important issues for management,
and we will do our utmost to realize a company which can help sustain a natural environment
in which our children and grandchildren can enjoy the abundant blessings of nature.

Our Aims

  1. 1. Continual, regular reduction and prevention of pollution
  2. 2. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and all the requirements our company agrees to
  3. 3. Efficient use of resources and energy
  4. 4. Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling
  5. 5. Management of environmental pollutants and promotion of efforts to reduce them
  6. 6. Increase environmental awareness thoroughly

Revised on April 1, 2016