Suggest a variety of raw materials,
processing methods, and packaging form

We provide the information you require as well as the product you are satisfied with.
All of our salespersons totally support you, not only by proposing solutions,
but also by helping with marketing or developing products.

1st StrengthWe can source many kinds of raw materials - up to 150 varieties

We handle from such basic commodities as apples, oranges, and grapes, to niche items like berries, tropical fruits, or rare vegetables. Moreover, we will make proposals, taking into consideration the characteristics of raw materials (e.g., such as products with limited production areas or varieties, or domestic raw materials) to meet customers’ needs.

Case 1

A beverage manufacturer requested new ideas in order to avoid customers getting tired of their beverage

A beverage manufacturer had been selling a beverage using strawberry juice as a spring seasonal product. In order to meet their request for new ideas which could appeal to customers, we suggested they use domestic strawberries or a particular kind of strawberry. The strawberry used for it, named tochiotome, is one of the most popular varieties among domestic strawberries, and it was a big hit. As a result, the manufacturer succeeded in getting new customers.

2nd StrengthVarious processing methods used in accordance with objectives

We have contract manufacturing facilities in Japan, and one of our unique points is that we not only import and sell raw materials, but also process and produce products according to how they will be used. Based on our customers’ requests, we do re-packing, sterilization, clarification, sorting, or squeezing of fruits. In addition, we recently started to operate a contract manufacturing system in foreign countries.

Case 2

A beverage manufacturer hoped to efficiently produce products in their new factory

A beverage manufacturer found that they could not handle the steel drums containing the raw materials they needed when they started producing grapefruit Zhuhai in their new factory. Therefore, we suggested that we re-pack the raw materials in the steel drums in 18 liter cans in our contracted factory, before delivering the raw materials to them. As a result, they could reduce their disposal costs and operate the factory efficiently, by no longer being troubled by their drum handling operation.

3rd StrengthSuggestions for final products that utilize the characteristics of their raw materials

Not only do we sell raw ingredients for fruit juice and pulp, dairy products, and coffee, in recent years we have also been working to help customers develop their final products. Because we know the raw ingredients best, we can make proposals for beverages and fruit-based sauces using fruit juices and pulp, as well as Western-style confectioneries and coffee drinks using the fermented butter we deal in. We can handle a wide range of products in packaging that meets customer requests, from commercial uses, such as in restaurant chains, to retail products that end up in the hands of consumers.

Case 3

A food service chain hoped to use domestic fruits for their fruit-based sauces

We received an inquiry from a restaurant chain which wanted to use domestically sourced fruits in making their fruit-based sauces which are used for desserts. We helped them choose appropriate raw materials, develop the fruit sauce product, and find a suitable manufacturer. We therefore enabled them to procure high-quality ingredients and make low-cost products. It was all realized in a short period of time.