Supply 150 items from 40 suppliers
from 30 countries around the world

In order to meet our customers' various needs, we have a wide variety of supply sources.
In order to provide high-quality products, we stably procure high-quality raw materials.
Moreover, through gathering real-time information we do our best to be cost competitive.

Procurement from the largest origins of the world

We have long-term business relationships with partners in major fruits producing areas all over the world, and these enable us to stably supply cost competitive products.

Procurement of domestic fruits

In order to meet the growing demand for domestic fruit and vegetable juices, we have established a supply line from the point of origin to the processing facility.

Risk hedge by dispersion of points of origin

In order to avoid undue risks by depending on just one point origin, which might suffer from a negative event such as a bad or poor-quality harvest, we propose various points of origin.

A variety of raw materials

We are handling a wide range of raw materials such as fruit juices, pulp, puree, and vegetable juices, etc. The number of items we handle is up to 150.